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Your Lifelong DNA Companion for Health.Wellness.

The DNA analysis platform that supports you from childhood to old-age, while accounting for your ethnicity. Understand where your tendencies rank in World populations with our novel Smart-Graph visualization. Scientific & Accurate. Gain access to the world of Genopix through our Health or Wellness kits.

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Genopix® Health

Either for yourself, your child, or a loved one, Genopix Health kits empower you to have an early insight into your actionable genetic health.

Powered by the state-of-art Next Generation DNA Sequencing-based Whole Exome Sequencing technology, get comprehensive, deep and accurate information.

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Genopix® Wellness

Have a deep dive into your natural tendencies that are encoded in your DNA in the fields of nutrition, fitness, personality, and more.

Genopix reports your DNA pixels that are only scientifically curated through a rigorous curation process.

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Upload your already existing raw DNA data from 23andme, Ancestry, MyHeritage, or any other chip-based platform. Or you can also upload your already existing Whole Genome Sequence or Whole Exome Sequence VCF files from Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics, Vitagene, Invitae, Color Genomics, Ambry Genetics, or others.

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Genetic HEALTH analysis meets  WELLNESS traits

Your DNA holds a vast amount of information that is crucial for yourself and your loved ones. Genopix Adult Health kit informs you or your spouse about your genetic carrier status which is vital for family planning. Genopix Newborn Health kit empowers you to have an early first look into your child’s genetic health allowing for early diagnostics and intervention by screening for actionable 180 genes and genetic conditions. Once you or your child have entered into the world of Genopix through our Health kits, you also get to access our Wellness platform exploring your lifestyle trait tendencies.

ELM Genomics proudly hosts co-founders and team members with scientific and academic backgrounds from Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Politecnico di Milano.

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