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We are all carriers.

We are not aware of it.

The future of the healthcare

Increase your and society’s genetic awareness and thereby health and welfare by unlocking your genetic code.

Knowledge is power. We, as part of a human population, are all carriers of Mendelian genetic disorders. Learn what you carry to prepare for future family planning.


Take an action based on your or your spouse’s genetic carrier status.

With the advancement of technology, it is now feasible to employ assisted reproductive methods to pick the fertilized embryo that does not carry unfavorable pathological mutations.

Family planning

Learn the chances that your children might inherit what you carry in your DNA.

Genetics is probabilistic, not deterministic. Our adult carrier screening informs you of the likelihood and risks of passing your DNA variants in critical genes associated with lethal genetic disorders.

List of all diseases screened

Ready to get started?

We are all carriers. Get the most actionable insights out of your DNA by learning what you or your loved ones carry.

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