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Gain early insight into your baby’s health and wellbeing


Increase the sensitivity and specificity of the current national newborn screening programs as known as the heel prick test.

Any biochemical test, including the national newborn screening programs as known as the heel prick test, can have false positives and false negatives. Our genetic screening test complements the current biochemical national screening and augments its specificity and sensitivity by directly analyzing the genes underlying the genetic conditions, instead of the downstream metabolites.


people are suffering from rare genetic diseases.


are children.


will not live to see their 5th birthday.


Focus on only the conditions that can be treated or whose prognosis can be improved.

Our curated list of diseases includes only the conditions that have available treatment options either via medication or diet changes.


Concentrate only on the urgent diseases.

Our newborn genetic screening screens for only the early childhood diseases that can develop in the first 10 years of your baby’s life. It is important to allocate our resources on what matters the most at this precious stage of your child’s life.


Screen for diseases no other national screening program screens for.

National screening programs biochemically screen for 5 to 55 genetic conditions across the globe. Our complementary genetic screening product screens for 180 genetic conditions including the ones national screening programs screen biochemically. Endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, hemoglobin disorders, immunodeficiencies, childhood cancers, and more.

List of all diseases screened

Prevent harm by early intervention

Early screening can prevent premature child death, irreversible mental and physical damages.

Many babies born with rare genetic diseases look healthy and asymptomatic, getting discharged from the hospital upon passing national biochemical screening. The power of analyzing DNA empowers us to identify potential lethal conditions before its symptoms begin.

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